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Calathea Makayona

Calathea Makayona

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The Calathea Makayona, also known as the Peacock Plant, is a beautiful tropical houseplant, famed for its beautiful, contrasting green and purplish-red leaves that will brighten up any indoor living space.  It can grow to be approximately 24" tall and wide.

Calatheas are tropical plants and thrive in a bright and humid environment with indirect sunlight.  Ideally, keep calatheas close to south-facing windows and within temperatures of 65 - 75°F (18-23°C).  This plant doesn't like to be in completely dry soil, so make sure to water it before it dries out too much.  During the winter months, it is important to keep the plant watered but allow the topsoil to dry out in between watering.  Water when the soil begins to dry or keep the topsoil moist in warmer months.

pet friendly plant Pet friendly

Calathea ornata requires bright, indirect sunlight. Bright, indirect sunlight

 Maintain soil moisture, but never soggy


Plant comes in nursery pot, decorative pot not included with plant purchase. Browse our collection of decorative planters HERE.

* A commitment to providing the healthiest, happiest plants sometimes requires a special trip to the greenhouse. When choosing specimen, we encounter a wide variety of plants all at different stages of maturity; each plant we source is unique. The plant you receive may be taller, longer or shorter than the one pictured. We photograph the plant that best represents what we most frequently encounter at the greenhouse. Your patience while we hand-pick the best specimen for you is much appreciated. Expect your plant to ship within 5-7 business days.

* We know how eager you are to enjoy your new plant, rest assured we're doing all that we can to get your new plant to you safely and swiftly.

* Can only be shipped to the 48 continental United States due to customs regulations.

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